Burning Angel – Succubus – Part 3

Burning Angel Presents Succubus – Part 3 Featuring Pornstars Tommy Pistol, Jane Wilde

Burning Angel - Succubus - Part 3
Overcome with worry over where Michael is, Mary (Jane Wilde) prays at the church for his safe return. Pastor Tommy (Tommy Pistol) walks in to check on her. Seeing that she is still distraught, Tommy again encourages Mary to be at peace with what is happening.But Mary is insistent. She KNOWS in her heart that Michael would never just leave her. Tommy sits down next to Mary. He is seemingly sympathetic as he tells her that he knows that a loss like this can distort her thinking. But Mary won’t budge, telling Tommy that she can feel something weird going on. Everybody in the town is…off in some way. Tommy grows thoughtful for a moment, asking Mary why she decided to leave her family and wed in THIS town. Mary tells Tommy that they needed a change of pace. But Tommy senses that Mary is hiding something. He tells her that if she really wants his help, she’s going to have to confess.Mary is hesitant, but she finally admits to Tommy that she’s pregnant. Tommy smiles, and begins to ask Mary details about the conception. She doesn’t understand HOW talking about this could possibly help. Tommy tells her that if SHE gave in to temptation, then Michael surely did too and is NOT coming back. She needs to accept that. Perhaps Michael leaving is her penance for giving in to temptation. Mary is reeling. She tells Tommy that she’s SO confused and would do ANYTHING not to feel this way…anything for forgiveness. This gives Tommy an idea. He caresses Mary’s leg, telling her he can help her. Mary said she’d do anything…but how far is she REALLY willing to go?