Devil’s Film – My Husband Brought Home His Mistress 15 – Dixie Lynn & Kit Mercer

Devil’s Film Presents My Husband Brought Home His Mistress 15 – Dixie Lynn & Kit Mercer Featuring Pornstars Tyler Nixon, Kit Mercer, Dixie Lynn

Kit Mercer sits down at a restaurant where Dixie Lynn works. But Kit is no ordinary customer… she reveals that she knows her husband (Tyler Nixon) is having an affair with Dixie! Dixie tries to explain herself, saying that she thought Kit and Tyler had an open relationship, but Kit doesn’t seem impressed. Is Kit seeking revenge? Nah, she’s already decided that her husband’s infidelity means that she now has the freedom to fuck her spin instructor, and ALL of her coworkers. Yes, every single one of them! So what does Kit want with Dixie? Why, she wants to watch Dixie fuck her husband, of course.The next time Kit has sex with Tyler, she brings up a fantasy of inviting another woman into the bedroom. Tyler loves this imaginary scenario, but fantasy soon becomes reality when Dixie shows up wearing sexy lingerie. At first Tyler is worried that he is in big trouble, but Kit explains that she wants to watch them fuck. Dixie energetically sucks Tyler’s cock, with encouragement from Kit. Eventually, Kit joins in too, and that’s when the threesome fun begins, with limbs and tongues going all over the place…