Nuru Massage – Something For Your Trouble

Nuru Massage Presents Something For Your Trouble Featuring Pornstars India Summers, Juan Loco

Nuru Massage - Something For Your Trouble
Juan Loco arrives at a house with a delivery, just doing his job, but is blown away when India Summer, wearing sexy lingerie and a robe, answers the door. She looks him up and down then asks him to drop the box off inside since it’s too heavy for her to carry. Although he tries to be professional and polite, he falters under India’s lustful gaze and steps inside.But it doesn’t end there. Just as he’s about to put the box down, India asks if he can bring it to the bedroom. It’s just a little further… Once again, Juan tries to resist but his resolve crumbles beneath her sultry stare. He meekly agrees and toddles after her, clutching the package like his life depends on it.When they step into the bedroom, Juan is surprised to see a massage mattress on the floor. India explains that massaging is her hobby. In fact, Juan must be soooo sore from delivering package all day. Why don’t she give him a massage? By now, Juan is completely under her spell and finally gives in, deciding that he DOES deserve a little break!Once they both strip down and India slathers them with oil, things really heat up. It’s not long before India pounces to get exactly what she wants: Juan’s dick! By now, Juan is happy to deliver in more ways than one, letting himself go as India takes his dick inside her sweet pussy. It looks like Juan will be finding ANY excuse to make deliveries to India from now on!