Pure Taboo – Family Barbecue

Pure Taboo Presents Family Barbecue Featuring Pornstars Dick Chibbles, Alina Lopez

Pure Taboo - Family Barbecue
Winner – Best Actress — Taboo-Themed Release: Alina Lopez, XBIZ 2020Nominated – Best Actor – Featurette: Dick Chibbles, AVN 2020Nominated – Best Actress – Featurette: Alina Lopez, AVN 2020Nominated – Best Featurette, AVN 2020Nominated – Taboo-Themed Release of the Year, XBIZ 2020Nominated – Best Actor — Taboo-Themed Release: Dick Chibbles, XBIZ 2020Nominated – Best Sex Scene — Taboo-Themed: Alina Lopez & Dick Chibbles, XBIZ 2020BISHOP’S INTERVIEW: AN ALINA LOPEZ STORYCorrupt Bishop Manipulates 18 Year Old Girl Into SexAlicia (Alina Lopez) is nervously fidgeting, sitting in a pew with the congregation. A sacrament tray is passed towards her, which is the source of her stress right now. She takes the tray, and hesitates, looking down at it. She knows she SHOULD take a sacrament but she can’t. Not after she…Alicia bites her lip then passes the tray onward, hoping that no one’s seen that she rejected the sacrament. However, when she looks up to where Bishop Bond (Dick Chibbles) sits, their eyes meet. Alicia’s stomach churns as the Bishop smiles.When the service ends, Alicia is eager to get out of there but is stopped by the Bishop. Her anxiety spikes when he tells her he wants to see her, although she breathes a sigh of relief when he adds that he wants to discuss her recommendation letter to BYU. She shakily agrees to the meeting and soon finds herself in the Bishop’s office.Although she thinks she’s there to get the letter of recommendation from the Bishop, it quickly becomes apparent that he knows that Alicia’s recently sinned. He confronts her about her purity, uncovering that Alicia lost her virginity to her boyfriend. Unfortunately for Alicia, the Bishop won’t be able to write that letter of recommendation after all. However, if Alicia agrees to have sex with HIM, he can cleanse her of her sins…