Pure Taboo – Their Wicked Ways

Pure Taboo Presents Their Wicked Ways Featuring Pornstars Sarah Vandella, Zac Wild

Pure Taboo - Their Wicked Ways
TEAM PLAYERCoach Grooms Young Athlete To Become Sex Object At His Lover’s CommandSean (Derrick Pierce) is a well-known and respected coach preparing young athletes for their sports career. However, despite his reputation for being strict with his athletes, he’s a bit of a pushover in his personal life. It’s how Catherine (Sarah Vandella), the team owner’s wife, managed to worm her way into his life… and bed.Catherine is used to getting what she wants. Being surrounded by all these young, muscular men gets her heart pounding. While she likes ordering Sean around, she’s looking for something new… and she has her eye on the star athlete, Jesse (Zac Wild). He’s a bit scrawny for her tastes, but she has a plan to change all that…Since Catherine has Sean wrapped around her little finger, both personally and professionally, it doesn’t take much to convince him to add a little something… extra… to Jesse’s training routine to bulk him up. She couldn’t care less that the trust between Sean and Jesse will surely be shattered once she stakes her claim. All she cares about is that Jesse becomes big and strong.And if Jesse truly wants to make it big, when the time comes, he’ll have to give in and satisfy her every command… or she’ll destroy both him AND Sean.