Pure Taboo – Three Sides To Every Story

Pure Taboo Presents Three Sides To Every Story Featuring Pornstars Logan Pierce, London River

Pure Taboo - Three Sides To Every Story
PUNCHING BAGRepressed Woman Dominates Male Escort Roleplaying As Her CoworkerScene opens on Crystal (London River) welcoming Aiden (Logan Pierce) into her home. As they chat, we get the sense that he is a male escort.Crystal leads Aiden into the bedroom where they begin to casually prepare for sex. It’s clear BDSM will be involved, and Crystal admits that she’s frustrated with a coworker named Derrick. Aiden assumes that Derrick is Crystal’s office crush, saying ‘Whatever poor Derrick’s missing out on, I’m more than happy to let you do to me.’ Crystal’s eyes darken.’LET me?’ she asks fiercely, suddenly cracking a riding crop.CUT TO TITLECrystal and Aiden fuck, with Crystal ordering Aiden around. Things are still relatively tame, for now, and Crystal calls Aiden ‘Derrick’. Aiden goes along with it, thinking it’s basic roleplay.Soon, the sex starts to become more intense and degrading. Crystal starts berating Aiden as though he’s Derrick. Aiden still goes along with it but starts to get worried when she doesn’t seem to want to stop the roleplay.What has Aiden gotten himself into?!