Webyoung – Finding Your Rhythm

Webyoung Presents Finding Your Rhythm Featuring Pornstars Kristen Scott, Luna Daniels

Webyoung - Finding Your Rhythm
Sia Lust is having fun dancing around her bedroom with her headphones on. She’s energetic and clumsy, lost in the moment as she enjoys herself to the fullest.Meanwhile, her step-sister, Kristen Scott, wanders by the bedroom and sees Sia cutely goofing around. Since Sia is so distracted by her own music and dancing, Kristen admires her awhile before stepping in. Although Sia’s embarrassed, she easily admits to Kristen that she’s practicing her dancing for the prom. Kristen playfully teases that she needs some serious help in that department, so she’ll give Sia some tips!When Kristen starts describing slow dancing, Sia becomes flustered. Sia insists that she probably doesn’t need to know about that since she doubts she’ll need to ‘set the mood’ for anything. When Kristen asks her about it, Sia admits that she’s a virgin! The last thing she wants to do is embarrass herself…Enlightened, Kristen declares that that’s Sia’s problem! If she has sex and loosens up, dancing will come so much more naturally to her.It doesn’t take much convincing before the sisters are locked in a kiss. Kristen guides Sia through the erotic motions, taking her time playing with Sia’s perky breasts and licking her pussy. Sia is putty in her hands, although she’s eager to try out these techniques on Kristen in return. After all is said and done, will Sia’s dancing REALLY improve??